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Medical translation agency "Medlingvo"

Medical translations department “Medlingvo”, being one of the divisions of a large translation agency “Translate Studio”, has been specializing since 2001 in high-quality translations of all types of medical texts. Since 2003 we have been winning medical translation tenders conducted on the territory of Belarus, Russia, the Ukraine, Poland and other countries. We work in close rapport with suppliers and manufacturers of medical preparations in Japan, USA, and in Western European countries.
We translate from/into foreign languages all sorts of pharmaceutical documentation, reports on clinical trials of drugs, documentation for medical equipment, as well as popular science medical literature. Besides, in private capacity for individual persons we carry out express translations of discharge summaries, medical reports, case records, case histories, laboratory and clinical trials, and medical certificates. We also work with all types of medical-biological and biochemical texts. For legal entities in order to ensure unity of terminology and for the purposes of quality assurance, we create dictionaries and individual glossaries. We take into account specificity of translated texts, corporate style, Client’s preferences and other peculiarities of the project. We understand full well the importance and the value of each sentence and each word translation in medical texts. We realize the responsibility entrusted to us.